Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Year of Graduation

2010 will be remembered as the year of graduation! David graduated from high school in May and Mark graduated from college with a degree in Youth Ministry Dec. 2010. As a mom, it has been a proud year as the boys move into different stages of their life.

David is attending the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. He is unsure of his major and is exploring different option with different classes he is taking. He lives on campus and seems to enjoy the college life. He was in the surf club the first semester (yes, he has his surfboard at college, but the beach is only 15 minutes away). No, he is not playing football there, one main reason is that UNF does not have a football team. David has also been on a health kick and has lost 100 pounds since last Christmas.

Brian is still taking classes at Hillsbourgh Community College in the criminal justice program. His goal is to be a cop. He has a parttime job as a security guard which helps greatly. We will be celebrating Christmas later this year because Brian works Christmas Eve and does not get off until 4 am Christmas morning. We are thankful that Brian has a job and as long as the whole family can be together...well, Christmas is when we are together. His girlfriend Chelsea is doing great in her classes at University of South Florida. Between her classes, her job, and her volunteering at the Tampa Aquarium Chelsea keeps quite busy.

Mark is still in shock that he is done with college. He now will be sending out resumes in hope of finding the right church for him and Janel. Janel will have to go back to Oklahoma to finish her last semester. She will be busy doing her student teaching in a 2nd grade class and then a 5th grade class. She lights up when she talks about it. She will be a great teacher. I think right now Mark & Janel are glad to be home...a long two day drive back to Florida and now it is the whirlwind of getting ready for Christmas, visiting with family members, and seeing old friends. Besides working on wedding plans (May 28th will be here before we blink an eye).

Niel and I are doing great. We are excited that we will be down to only 2 in college. Niel has been busy with work and myself, as a teacher, I am always busy. To me there never seems to be enough hours in the day. I am also working on my masters in education and I have three more classes to go (not that I am counting or anything). Niel and I have been trying to be more health conscience as well. Niel has lost 20 pounds and I have lost 40. I will say I feel better. I still have 15 more to go to get my goal weight.

Are we ready for Christmas? Well, the ride back from Oklahoma wore me out some but I am almost ready..been moving at a slower pace this week. I will say, I am looking forward to what the new year will bring our way!

If I have not said it before, Merry Christmas my friends!

Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010

David Graduated on May 21, he has officially been a high school graduate for a month now. It has been a busy month. We had family in from out-of-town for graduation and then for the party on Saturday. On Sunday of graduation weekend we also a special service for the seniors of our church. It was a great service and fellowship after the service in their honor.Here is a picture of the class of 2010 from our church (three different high schools represented)

It was a fun fill family weekend. David had both sets of grandparents at graduation, it was amazing!! After graduation the next weekend we went to Jacksonville for to the University of North Florida for orientation. David was able to sign up for his summer classes and then his fall classes. He heads off to UNF this Tuesday! Yes, the 22nd!!! He will be at UNF until July 30th...then he is home for three weeks and then back to UNF.

After orientation, I went to an AP workshop and graded AP Govt Free Response Questions. It was a busy 8 days, a lot of work, but very informative. Hopefully I will get to do that again next year. We have also traded David's green truck in for a 2007 Saturn Auro. David was tired of only getting 10 mpg when driving and wanted something a little better on gas. The car looks great!

Brian & Chelsea are still over in Tampa. Chelsea has been really busy this summer. She is doing an internship at the Tampa Aquarium, taking a class on line, as well as teaching gymnastics to little kids. Brian is still at the community college in Tampa and has also taken a security class. He is hoping to get a security job. Please keep that in your prayers. The job market is so hard and so far he has not been able to find a job at all.

Mark is home for the summer. He is doing an internship at our church with the youth group. It is a paid internship!! Right now, he is in West Virginia with the youth group painting houses. He will be back on Saturday. His fiancé Janel has a summer job working with a local day camp. She is having a great time with the kids (guess that is why she wants to be an elementary teacher). She is also getting excited about planning their wedding. Last weekend we went to a bridal show and had a ball. Mark and Janel have set the date, it is May 28, 2011. They will get married at the church but are looking around for a venue.

Niel and I are just busy but totally enjoying any time we can spend together. I am still working on my masters. This is my week off. I just finished a class this past Friday and I start back up next Monday. On Monday's I am volunteering at our church's thrift shop so I don't find projects around the house to do. Even though looking around the shop I come up with ideas.

This past weekend Niel helped move his brother from a Ft Lauderdale nursing home to one here in Brevard County. It is in Titusville, about 30 minutes from our house but it is much closer than 3 1/2 hours. It will also be handy enough that Stoyell (Niel's dad) will be able to drive up and see him as well. For Stoyell it will be about an hour drive. It was a busy weekend, getting Eric up here in Brevard County and celebrating Father's Day but we did manage to do both. After church on Sunday, we took Niel's dad out-to-eat. My dad is in Maine right now. Him and my mom went to Maine to see Little Calvin graduate from high school. So they have been busy graduation in Florida on May 21st and then another on June 6th in Maine. I guess they could be called the traveling grandparents.

Memaw & PopPop

Missy & Granddad

I hope everyone's summer is going great. we have been busy but that is part of the life of a mom of three growing boys. I feel totally blessed with a wonderful boys and a wonderful husband.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break is over

Spring Break is over and it is finally feeling like Spring (now that we are back to work and school).

Mark is looking forward to the semester to be over. He will be driving home the end of the month. He has about two weeks of heavy school left to finish before summer is here for him. Mark is planning on taking some classes at the local community college and helping out at the church again. His plan is to be totally finished with his BA come December 2010.

Brian just spent a few days with us. He has signed up for one of his summer classes. He will also take a week of training for security this summer as well. He can sign up for his fall classes come April 15th. This past weekend he came over to see the oral surgeon about getting his wisdom teeth out (which is happening next weekend) and he caught a few fish.

David is counting down the days until graduation. He is at 40 days and counting. He still has prom, grad night, and his last concert to complete...besides tests, papers, and exams. David has been excited that spring is here because he gets to mow the lawn each week. He is getting really excited about attending UNF this summer. He moves in the dorm on June 22. He will be getting his wisdom teeth out on June 10th. Here are some pictures from his senior trip:

I too am in the school is almost out mode (so are my students). My students are getting ready for their AP exam and their senior projects. There is a lot of stuff going on and yet the clock seems to be going faster than before spring break. When school gets out on May 21st, we will be going to orientation with David the following weekend and then I have the opportunity to grade AP Government Free Response Questions. It is a great opportunity and I am really excited about it.

Here is a picture of the antique that Niel and I found in our church thrift shop.

Niel has been busy with work and with projects around the house. He has finished his wall around the pool area which really looks great. Right now he is working on a project in the garage.

Enjoy your spring...spring break is over but spring is here until summer arrives. Looking forward to the pool warming up so we can enjoy it. With the cold winter and spring, it still is too cold for this Maine girl to get in.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Spring Break of 2010 is almost over. Today is Easter Sunday and then tomorrow back to work and back to school but we have totally enjoyed our break...except that I need a break from my break. This morning we started with Easter Sunrise Service in the village, it was really nice.

I, with the help from Niel, repainted my bedroom (including the furniture) besides moving other articles around the house. We did the "spring cleaning" as we ventured through the house on this Spring Break. Most people come to Florida to enjoy the beaches...we live here, so we worked on Spring Cleaning and changing up the house. Here are a few pictures:

David basically had two weeks of Spring Break. His senior class went to Puerto Rico the week before we had Spring Break. He had a great time.During his offical spring break he worked many hours at Chic-Fil-e. He is saving for a motorcycle.

Brian was on Spring Break as well and he spent his time helping Memaw & PopPop in Ocala. He did manage to get some fishing in when he headed this way. We want mention how he got his truck stuck fishing but will mention he did catch some keepable trout.Chelsea and Brian's spring break was on different weeks but she was able to head this way with Brian to enjoy Easter with us and her family.

Mark stayed in Oklahoma for Spring Break with a trip to Kansas City to see his Aunt Laura and Cousin Amanda. They had a great time visiting and Amanda showed the the local jazz clubs. Mark even had a huge snow storm during his spring break when he made it back to Oklahoma. Janel was able to come home to see her parents during her Spring Break. We were able to have lunch with her and her folks one Sunday when she was home. It was nice.

Niel really did not have a spring break. He took a few afternoons off and a day as well but I managed to have a list of things I needed help with.He purchased this piece of furniture I was wanting in our church thrift store,it has found a home where the old desk used to set. It is nice. He helped me with the molding around the room and he was able to finish the retaining wall around the pool. I think he needs a vacation from my vacation.

It finally feels like Spring is here! If we had time, it would have been perfect beach weather but it was perfect weather to spring clean as well.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Holidays

The Christmas Holidays have come and went. The tree is down, the lights are down, but the memories of the fun we had will last for a lifetime.

We started the holiday season listening to David sing at Epcot in the Candlelight Processional. It was a damp day but it was the best performance we have seen in 3 years. Memaw, PopPop, Brian, & Chelsea joined Niel & I for a wonderful Family experience at Epcot. Did I mention that Woopie Goldberg was our narrator and did a marvoulous job? Well she was.
Chelsea, Memaw, Poppop, & Brian

David Singing:

When we got home from our time at Epcot we were welcomed with hugs from Mark. He was home from Oklahoma...ready for the Christmas Holiday. On Saturday, the 19th of December we went to dinner with Janel's family to celebrate Mark's 21st birthday and then had a few friends over to help him celebrate. It was good to see the house full again. Monday the 21st we were part of David's Senior Class Progressive Dinner. We were the host for soup and salads. We had 33 people over for that part. It was a fun time to be part of David's Christmas Celebration:

Tuesday I got hit with broctius but went to the clinc to get meds to help with that issue.

Christmas Eve we had our annual Christmas Eve dinner with friends and family. We had a total of 15 for dinner. We ate at 3:30 to not interupt other celebrations that might happen later in the evening. Our guest that came the farthest would be Chen from China (okay, I know he came from Oklahoma but orginially from China).

Mark, David, & Brian:

Brian, Matt, Chen, Mark Tim, Mark:

Brian & Chelsea:

Mark & Janel:

Me & Niel

On Saturday...the boys & Niel decided to take down the dead tree in the back yard. The tree had caught fire on my birthday and then got struck by lighting in August or September.
Here is the tree crew at work. Mind you I kept thinking "How much do professionals cost?"

I got sick again, even had a trip to the ER but after more meds and me whining really bad.. I did get out of putting up the shed in the back yard...I slept most of the day on Monday. It rained on Tuesday and now...well, I am back to normal. The boys & Chelsea took a trip to Gainesville to see Missy & Granddad on Wednesday. They even surprised them because they got up and out of the house here at 6:30 am.

News Year we celebrated with friends and then came home for our annual campfire in the firepit and fireworks display by Brian & Chen. It was a nice New Years Eve celebration. New Year Day was a rainy day but a nice day. Niel went to see his brother with his dad and the boys & I stayed home and watch movies on tv and play the Wii.

I wish you and yours a Happy New Year. May God bless you and watch you into the New Year.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The End of the Season

Dave & Tim (Score Board in the background)

The Last Senior Game for David ended with a great victory: 56 - 41. It was a great last game. It was a great week leading up to the game. It was homecoming week.The students at MICS started out the week on Sunday working on their floats for the Friday Parade. Monday was Gilligan's Island theme day (guess who was the skipper?) Monday night was their homecoming dance on a river boat (yes, it was a 3 hour tour).

David and his date, Katie --> by the way, Katie wins homecoming queen on Friday

The students did make it back to shore from their "cruise homecoming dance" and were able to sleep in and go into school late Tuesday, which was M*A*S*H theme day--> a night of volleyball game and victory would be a great end to Tuesday: then Wednesday was bowling in the morning while the theme was "Happy Days". As you are reading my blog, you must be getting it, the theme for the week was TV shows of the past. Thursday was introducing homecoming court, Lip Sync competition, and "Bevelerly Hillbillies". But it was also major surprise day....Mark flew home from Oklahoma just to see David's last football game. Mark's friend Beef picked him up at the airport and he surprised me at work & then David at school. What a nice surprise. Sooo Mark was here to see David announced as one of the senior boys on the homecoming court. He does not win King...but he will always be my prince!

Mark & Dave

The seniors did a Happy Day's song and were great...they did a dance routine and looked like professionals (okay...I am the mom and this is my blog based on my view point).

Friday...the day of the game!!!First was the parade. Being on the court, David got to drive in a convertable and throw candy out to the crowd. Their float was was a ship based on Gilliagan's Island.

Then the night of the game. The weather was perfect...friends came to the game. David had his own cheering section: Myself, Niel, Mark, Mr. & Mrs. Anderson, Kristen, Beth, & Chelsea. It was a great night for football. It ended the way any football player would want their senior game to end...with a victory. 41 -56...Cougar Victory. I will leave you with some great pictures of the day and night.

Dave & Ryan

Dave & Caitlin

Captains of the Game: David #79 & Ryan #32

Mark & Dave

Mark, Dave, & Kristen

Senior Boys at the end of the game: Luke, Miles, Dave, Tim, Blake, Ryan, & Spencer

Below is a picture of David & his coach...who stood in for us for David's senior night while we were gone the week before for Niel's mom funeral. The team is Dave's other family:

The last David walking the field one last time by himself....the first steps from the football field to his future....

Sunday, November 1, 2009

October 30, 2009

(Above picture) Niel & Karen & Geoff
We would like to thank all of those who have sent cards and prayers our way for the loss of Niel's mom. She lived a long life and was loved by many. Even with a handicap she touch many lives by opening her home to the neighborhood children as a care giver and even to young adults as they made their way in life. She raised three wonderful children as a single mom and did a wonderful job. Her daughter (Karen) has the gift of caring and helping others...her gentleness with her own children is a trait she received from her mom. Her oldest son has a heart that is thankful for what he has, and he tries when he can to help others. Niel (her youngest) also as the gift of thinking of others and helping others, a trait he received from his mother. He is always willing to help others, even when it is not convenient for him. His thoughtfulness is a wonderful gift his mother gave to him. All three loved their mother and she loved them. She might be gone, but she will live on in her children's lives and her grandchildren lifes. Again, thank all for the prayers and cards. I leave you with a few pictures of our trip to Rochester, NY.

(1999: Niel, Eric (in back) , Marge (MOM), Karen )